Hawley Joins Missouri Radiation Advocates to Give Update on RECA Following Senate Lunch with Johnson

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Today U.S. Senator Hawley (R-Mo.) joined Missouri radiation advocates in the U.S. Capitol to provide an update on his continued push to reauthorize and expand the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) that lapsed last week thanks to inaction from House leadership. 

Today’s RECA update following a Republican Senate lunch with Speaker Johnson comes after the Speaker failed to follow through on his promise to meet with Missouri radiation advocates.

“. . . Now, nobody in my state—nobody in any state—who is sick and dying of cancer, or any other illness caused by radiation, can even apply for relief. And, so far, Speaker Johnson, after promising these survivors that he would meet with them, he has not met with them. . . . He has not addressed the failure of the House to renew and reauthorize RECA,” said Senator Hawley.

He continued, “We are in overtime here. . . . The program has expired, and it is vital that the House act—and act immediately.”

The Senate has already passed Senator Hawley’s proposal to reauthorize and expand RECA twice in strong bipartisan fashion.