Hawley Op-Ed: It’s time to end economic handouts for woke corporations

Thursday, May 12, 2022

By U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.)  |  May 12, 2022  |  Fox News 

Big business is no friend to conservatives—that’s been clear for years. And it’s increasingly no friend to America. 

In the postwar era just a few decades ago, many corporate leaders could honestly say that they loved this country. Now that seems a stretch. 

Today’s multinationals have embraced a toxic blend of offshoring and woke politics, selling out American workers even as they attack American values. But conservatives don’t have to take this behavior any longer.


CEOs now regularly release jargon-heavy statements denouncing conservative social policies across the board. One Disney higher-up even bragged recently about “adding queerness” to children’s programming wherever she could. 

At the same time, these firms are more than happy to pander to Chinese censors to avoid losing access to a lucrative market.  

Whenever there’s a whiff of political pushback to all this, a legion of D.C. lobbyists immediately descends to regurgitate the same tired talking points. Inevitably, the lobby groups complain that any consequences for woke corporations, no matter how marginal, will devastate the American economy. 

We’re told that the relationship between business and the right is a one-way street: companies can say and do whatever they want, no matter how destructive to conservative principles, and Republicans—simply because they’re Republicans and ostensibly “business-friendly”—need to be OK with it.

It’s time for that free ride to end. Big companies must no longer take support from conservatives for granted. What Congress has given, Congress can also take away. And there are plenty of options for the chopping block. 

Let’s start with Disney. Over the years Disney’s copyright protections for characters like Mickey Mouse have been extended further and further into the future, allowing the company to maintain a stranglehold on its ever-increasing intellectual property stockpile. Disney specifically asked Congress for more protections. As Disney doubles down on its hostility to American values, it’s time to start paring those protections back.


In America, the people—not the corporations—are in charge. Republicans need to start acting like it.

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