Hawley Slams Senate China Bill for Cutting Tariffs, Failing to Put American Workers First

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Today U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) voted against the final passage of the United States Innovation and Competition Act, which he slammed for cutting tariffs on China and failing to put American workers first or crack down on multi-billion-dollar corporations that are heavily invested in China.

Senator Hawley said, “I can’t support a bill that harms American workers and cuts tariffs on products made in China in the name of ‘increased competition.’ For decades, US policy makers have watched as millions of American jobs were shipped overseas, corporate America sold out to the Chinese Communist Party, and our industrial economy was replaced by slave labor in Xinjiang. We must correct the failed Washington consensus that has allowed Beijing to thrive at the expense of working Americans.”

Senator Hawley previously called for amendments to impose a duty of 100 percent on goods made in the Xinjiang Autonomous region, require certain businesses to monitor and disclose the use of forced labor in their supply chains, and prohibit the transfer or licensing of certain intellectual property rights of goods funded by American taxpayers.