ICYMI: Hawley Op-Ed: Parents’ Bill of Rights is needed to combat Left’s indoctrination of students

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

On Monday, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) published an op-ed on Fox News on his new Parents’ Bill of Rights:

As just about every parent with school-aged kids knows, the Left is trying to shut parents out of education.  

Joe Biden’s Justice Department has tried to turn the FBI into a monitor of school board meetings, with one DOJ official going so far as to draw up lists of federal crimes for which parents could be prosecuted. Failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe spoke the Democrat Party’s mind when he infamously said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”  

Wrong. Parents have every right to direct their children’s education, as the U.S. Supreme Court has long recognized. Parents make our schools work. The Left’s concerted effort to silence parents’ speech and ridicule their concerns is dangerous – for our children, our schools, and our democracy. It’s time to do something about it.

That’s why I’m proposing a Parents’ Bill of Rights, for every mom and dad in America. My proposal would guarantee them the seat at the table they deserve, one that no bureaucrat – or political party – can take away.  

The need for action is urgent. Democrats and their allies in academia increasingly view our schools as laboratories for the indoctrination of American children. Over the past year, we’ve learned how school districts have quietly introduced new learning materials in classrooms related to critical race theory – often without parents’ knowledge, let alone approval.

Read his full op-ed here