Senator Hawley Applauds President’s Bold, Bipartisan Vision for America in State of the Union Address

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Tonight, Senator Josh Hawley issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s State of the Union address:

“Tonight, President Trump challenged Congress to break through partisan gridlock and get working for the American people. That’s what we were sent to Washington to do: work at getting real things done. He outlined an ambitious path forward and I commend him.

“I was pleased to hear the president discuss his plans to lower the cost of health care. That’s a top priority of mine in the Senate. Congress should immediately break up the big government-big insurance axis and lower health care prices for Americans. We also need to guarantee protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

“The president was also right to emphasize border security tonight. Supporting border security shouldn’t be hard. I can only hope that my Democrat colleagues will put their partisan vendettas and 2020 presidential aspirations aside to tackle this pressing crisis. We’ve got to get an immigration system that works for Missouri, and it begins by putting American workers ahead of those who come here illegally.”