Hawley Says Biden’s Open Borders Policies Have Created A “Moral Crisis”

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Today, speaking at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) said that President Joe Biden has created a “moral crisis” by sending the message that the U.S. Southern border is open. Senator Hawley said the Senate Democrats’ proposed immigration reform plan would create new loopholes for illegal immigrants and devalue legal immigration.

Senator Hawley said, “I’m glad that we have the opportunity today to talk about what is happening on the border, and to have a chance to look at and examine what is, I think, a humanitarian crisis. It is a national security crisis. It is a drug crisis. It’s also, frankly, a moral crisis.

“When you see what these cartels are doing on our border. When you see the children being exploited and smuggled for profit by these cartels at the border. When you see the lies that these cartels are telling innocent people to get their money and bring them across the border. And when you see the effects of the drugs that are flowing across this border into every community of my state.

“I come from the state of Missouri. You can’t visit a community in my state that is not, frankly, awash in drugs. From where? From across the border.

“Our border is in a state of total crisis, and it is a crisis that is affecting every single person in my state and in this country. And I suggest to you we have a moral obligation—and this administration has a moral obligation—to address the crisis it has created at the border, for children, for families, for American citizens, and I’m glad we get to talk about this.

“You know, the statistics tell the story. I mean, the number of family units crossing the border is up 4,143% from last May. 4,143%.

“That border crossing is not safe. The border is not open. And yet the Biden Administration has sent the message that it is open. And it has effectively encouraged this illegal smuggling. It has encouraged this exploitation of children. It has encouraged the drug crisis we see with its policies.

“That’s a hard truth, but it is the truth. And the American people are owed the truth. And the moral consequences of these policies have to be confronted and addressed and owned up to.

“And I’m afraid I can’t support the legislation we’re considering today because I think it goes in exactly the opposite direction. I think creating new loopholes for illegal immigrants that have criminal records, sending the message that more people ought to come here illegally while devaluing legal immigration is exactly the wrong way to go.”