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Senator Hawley Leads Letter Demanding Oversight of ICE Arrests of Criminal Illegal Aliens Under Biden Administration

In light of the massive surge of illegal border crossings reported last week, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), joined by Senators Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), James Lankford (R-Okla.), and Rand Paul (R-Ky.), sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requesting critical information on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s record of apprehensions during the Biden Administration. 

Senators Hawley, Graham Demand Judiciary Hearing on Border Crisis

U.S. Senators Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) calling for a full hearing on the current crisis of the southern border. Senate Judiciary Democrats have declined to hold a hearing on the border this Congress, despite the fact that U.S. Customs and Border Protection has apprehended historic numbers of migrants not seen in over 15 years.

Senator Hawley, Colleagues Introduce SHIELD Act to Preserve Title 42 Expulsions of Illegal Immigrants

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) joined U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in introducing the Securing the Homeland from International Entrants with Life-threatening Diseases (SHIELD) Act to codify the Trump administration’s public health order under Title 42 that required U.S. border officials to promptly remove illegal immigrants to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Hawley Says Biden’s Open Borders Policies Have Created A “Moral Crisis”

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) said that President Joe Biden has created a “moral crisis” by sending the message that the U.S. Southern border is open. Senator Hawley said the Senate Democrats’ proposed immigration reform plan would create new loopholes for illegal immigrants and devalue legal immigration. "Our border is in a state of total crisis, and it is a crisis that is affecting every single person in my state and in this country. And I suggest to you we have a moral obligation—and this...

Hawley Calls for Biden to Extend Freeze on Foreign Worker Visas

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to extend President Donald Trump’s executive order freezing visas for certain temporary foreign workers, which will expire today, March 31, 2021, unless President Biden acts. Senator Hawley writes that the temporary freeze, issued to protect American workers during the pandemic, should be extended until the unemployment rate has meaningfully declined and the Biden administration has ensured that American workers are...

Hawley Calls on Biden Admin. to Reinstate Public Charge Rule & Enforce Immigration Laws

"We are in the middle of a national pandemic, millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and there is a burgeoning crisis at the border. Under conditions like these, this is perhaps the worst imaginable time to gut this important safeguard. By creating a fresh incentive for foreign migrants to surge across our southern border, your actions reflect a profound misunderstanding of the plight of American workers and communities across the country, and threaten to further exacerbate an...

Hawley Calls for Emergency Senate Hearing on Biden Administration’s Handling of Southern Border Crisis

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) sent letters to President Joe Biden and Senator Gary Peters (D-Mich.), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, calling for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to testify at a full Senate hearing, to be scheduled as soon as possible on the growing crisis at the southern border. Senator Hawley called on Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to explain the Biden administration’s continued public denials...

Hawley, Colleagues Demand Answers on Dangerous Biden DHS Deportation Moratorium

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and eleven Senate colleagues pushed back on a deportation moratorium proposed by President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which will prevent the removal of the vast majority of illegal immigrants with final orders of removal--including dangerous criminals--from the United States.

Senator Hawley Blocks Quick Consideration of President-Elect Biden’s Nominee for Homeland Security

"On Day 1 of his administration, President-elect Biden has said he plans to unveil an amnesty plan for 11 million immigrants in this nation illegally. This comes at a time when millions of American citizens remain out of work and a new migrant caravan has been attempting to reach the United States. Mr. Mayorkas has not adequately explained how he will enforce federal law and secure the southern border given President-elect Biden’s promise to roll back major enforcement and security measures....

Hawley, Colleagues Urge President Trump To Expand and Extend Immigration Suspension

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) joined Senators Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) in sending a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to suspend all new guest worker visas for sixty days and to suspend certain categories of new guest worker visas for at least the next year or until unemployment has returned to normal levels.