NEW: Hawley Introduces Bill Requiring Cleanup of Jana Elementary, Testing for Entire Hazelwood School District

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Today U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduced the Justice for Jana Elementary Act, new legislation that would require the cleanup of Jana Elementary School and order the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to test all Hazelwood School District properties.

“Hazardous radioactive contamination has no place in schools,” said Senator Hawley. “Students and parents of Jana Elementary and the Hazelwood School District deserve to know that their schools are safe. Federal authorities created this problem years ago and refused to fix it. Now the federal government must take responsibility and make things right.”

Senator Hawley has consistently advocated on behalf of the students and families of the Hazelwood School District. Two weeks ago, during the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing, Senator Hawley pushed the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Deputy Secretary David Turk for answers on the radioactive waste found near Jana Elementary School and demanded action be taken to fix the problem.

Senator Hawley sent a letter to USACE Lieutenant General Scott Spellmon last month calling for additional radioactive testing of Hazelwood School District’s properties.

Last October, Senator Hawley demanded that USACE conduct radioactive testing at Jana Elementary School following reports of contamination, and called on President Biden to declare a federal emergency and make aid available for students and families.

View the bill text here. 

The Justice for Jana Elementary Act would:

  • Order the USACE to establish new remediation goals to clean up Jana Elementary
  • Order the USACE to test all Hazelwood School District schools for radioactive contaminants
  • Create a fund to permit localities with schools impacted by Manhattan Project-era atomic programs to request financial assistance for radioactive testing or construction of new school facilities; and 
  • Order the DOE to review all testing performed at Jana Elementary and determine if the testing was reliable.