Sen. Hawley: Democrats Bought A Federal Investigation of The Trump Campaign

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Today on Fox & Friends Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) said the Democrat National Committee was essentially able to purchase a federal investigation of the Trump Campaign. Senator Hawley’s comments follow revelations that the FBI used Christopher Steele’s Democrat-funded dossier to trigger its application to the FISA court to spy on a Trump campaign official.

Senator Hawley said, “Essentially the Democrat Party bought themselves an FBI investigation. The Democrats went out and paid for this fake dossier, they fed it to the FBI, and the FBI used it to get surveillance of the Trump campaign during a presidential election. This has never happened before in American history, and the Horowitz report, the IG report, is really damning. It shows that the FBI bought this hook, line, and sinker.”

Senator Hawley also expressed skepticism that only low-level FBI case agents were involved in the surveillance of the Trump presidential campaign.

Senator Hawley said, “You cannot tell me that case agents – mid-level, low-level case agents – opened up the surveillance program without the supervision of say the Attorney General or the President of the United States. I think we need to find this out. What did the Attorney General know, Loretta Lynch, what did the President Barack Obama, what did he know? Are we really to believe that the FBI is conducting a surveillance campaign during an election of a political opponent and the White House doesn’t know anything about it? I think we gotta find that out.”