Hawley Introduces Legislation to Prevent Foreign Exploitation of Critical U.S. Educational Investments and Innovation

Senator Hawley said, “Intelligence officials have warned us that the Chinese Communist Party is using student spies to steal our technology and undermine our national security on college campuses. This bill gives the Department of Homeland Security the tools it needs to address this growing threat by increasing counterintelligence vetting for student and academic visas.”

Senator Hawley Delivers Floor Speech in Support of Hong Kong

It is time now to stand with the people of Hong Kong and to send a signal to the world that the United States will stand with freedom-loving peoples, that the United States will stand up to Beijing, that the United States will not permit China to dominate its neighbors and its region and the world. And so it is time for this body to act and to act now.

Senators Hawley and Blackburn Introduce Legislation to Move Most Federal Agencies Out of D.C.

“Every year Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars fund federal agencies that are mainly located in the D.C. bubble. That’s a big part of the problem with Washington: they’re too removed from the rest of America. The HIRE Act will move policymakers directly into the communities they serve, creating thousands of jobs for local communities and saving taxpayers billions of dollars along the way.”

Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill To Encourage Competition In Social Media

“Your data is your property. Period. Consumers should have the flexibility to choose new online platforms without artificial barriers to entry. This bill creates long-overdue requirements that will boost competition and give consumers the power to move their data from one service to another,” said Sen. Hawley.

Senator Hawley Calls on Hong Kong Chief Executive to Resign in Response to “Police State” Criticism

During his fact-finding visit to Hong Kong, United States Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) said Hong Kong was in “danger of sliding towards a police state.” Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam then held a press conference where she called Senator Hawley’s remarks “irresponsible and unfounded.” Last night Senator Hawley responded to Lam, saying, “I chose the words ‘police state’ purposely - because that is exactly what Hong Kong is becoming. I saw it myself. If Carrie Lam wants to demonstrate...

During Hong Kong Visit, Senator Hawley Compares Hongkongers’ Struggle Against Communism to East Germany During the Cold War

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) traveled to Hong Kong this weekend to learn the facts on the ground, observe the protests, and speak to pro-democracy activists. In a video filmed in front of Hong Kong's Legislative Council, Senator Hawley compared Hongkongers’ fight against the Chinese Communist Party to East Germany’s struggle against the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley Sends Letter To NBA Commissioner Silver Blasting NBA’s Decision To Side With Chinese Communist Party Over Hong Kong Protestors

In his letter, which was also sent to all 30 NBA team owners, Senator Hawley writes, “Remember that some things are more important than money. Remember your responsibility. You may not think of your League as an American undertaking, but whatever you think, what you say and do represents America to the world. And for an American organization to help the most brutal of regimes silence dissent in pursuit of profit is appalling.”

Senator Hawley Sends Bipartisan Warning to FTC Not to Weaken Children’s Online Privacy Rules

“But the FTC’s failure now and in recent years to fully enforce COPPA compliance has us concerned that an update at this time could diminish children and parents’ control of their data or otherwise weaken existing privacy protections. Now is not the time to pull back,” write the Senators in the letter to all five FTC Commissioners. “As children’s use of technology continues to increase, so too does the appetite by tech giants for children’s personal information. Your agency’s obligation is to...

Senator Hawley Statement on the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China

“Seventy years ago, the Chinese Communist Party seized power from the Chinese people. Since then, its ruthless rule has resulted in the deaths of millions of its own citizens. Concentration camps in Xinjiang and a rush toward digital authoritarianism are the latest examples of the Party’s totalitarian nature, which dates back to the Great Leap Forward and the Tiananmen Square Massacre.  “The Party’s transgressions are not limited to inflicting horrific atrocities against the Chinese people. The...