Hawley Calls to Restrict Federal Funds from Schools Refusing to Reopen

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduced an amendment to Congress’s proposed budget resolution that would restrict federal relief funds from schools that are refusing to reopen. Recent studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found schools operating in-person have seen negligible spread of the coronavirus yet many schools across the country refuse to reopen, to detriment of parents and children.

Hawley Requests Briefing From CVS, Walgreens Regarding Status of Missouri Vaccine Distribution

“I understand that a mass mobilization effort of this magnitude poses several challenges, some of which might be outside of your company’s control. However, it is critical that obstacles are communicated to the public, as well as to government officials who might be positioned to help work towards resolutions. A public-private partnership is exactly that—a partnership. In the spirit of this partnership, I request a briefing, in writing, from you and your staff regarding the administration of...

Hawley Blasts Wall Street, Hedge Funds Over Robinhood Scandal

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) blasted big banks and hedge funds over their role in freezing out day traders and small investors from trading Robinhood stock. Senator Hawley said Wall Street has deemed itself too big to fail but is rigging the system against anyone else.

Senator Hawley Reintroduces Duck Boat Safety Legislation

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) reintroduced his legislation to improve the safety of duck boats following the 2018 tragedy on Table Rock Lake. Senator Hawley’s legislation, cosponsored by Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), would authorize previously-outlined National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommendations, including commonsense provisions to require the use of life jackets and equipping all operating duck boats to be more buoyant in the case of emergency flooding.

Hawley Calls for Investigation into Democrat Abuse of Senate Ethics Process

U.S. Senator Josh (R-Mo.) is filing a counter-complaint today against seven Senate Democrats who called for an ethics investigation into his objection to certifying Pennsylvania’s electoral count. The Democrats admitted in their complaint that Hawley’s electoral college objection was lawful. In a letter to the seven Democrat Senators, Senator Hawley called out the senators for their historic partisan abuse of the Senate ethics process and potential coordination with dark money groups.

Hawley, Stefanik to Reintroduce Resolution to Investigate Origins of COVID-19, Hold CCP Accountable Amid Biden Decision to Rejoin WHO

"It has been one year since the first confirmed COVID-19 case in the U.S. and China continues to stonewall any credible investigation into the origins of this deadly pandemic. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization, which President Biden has praised, has shown itself to be, at best, incompetent and, at worst, a pawn of the Chinese Communist Party. We must redouble our efforts to understand how CCP negligence unleashed a global pandemic and hold them accountable."

Hawley Responds to Senate Democrats’ Ethics Complaint

"Joe Biden and the Democrats talk about unity but are brazenly trying to silence dissent. This latest effort is a flagrant abuse of the Senate ethics process and a flagrant attempt to exact partisan revenge. Democrats appear intent on weaponizing every tool at their disposal — including pushing an unconstitutional impeachment process — to further divide the country. Missourians will not be cancelled by these partisan attacks."

Senator Hawley Blocks Quick Consideration of President-Elect Biden’s Nominee for Homeland Security

"On Day 1 of his administration, President-elect Biden has said he plans to unveil an amnesty plan for 11 million immigrants in this nation illegally. This comes at a time when millions of American citizens remain out of work and a new migrant caravan has been attempting to reach the United States. Mr. Mayorkas has not adequately explained how he will enforce federal law and secure the southern border given President-elect Biden’s promise to roll back major enforcement and security measures....

Senator Hawley Statement on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

"Today, we honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and his unyielding leadership in the fight for equality. Dr. King’s memory and faith inspire us to act justly, love deeply, and work tirelessly toward a better future for all Americans. I encourage all Missourians to join with me in celebrating Dr. King’s heroic legacy and in recommitting ourselves to the ideals that he fought for."